A Message to the SFBASF Community

Oct 8, 2018

Marcus Wojtkowiak, Randall Museum Science Program Coordinator and SF Middle School Science Fair Coordinator, has assumed the role as Executive Director and is in the process of rebuilding the team. Bob Fabini will continue to be the GGSF Assistant Director to ensure that future operations run smoothly in this transition. There are plans in place to not only reinstate the Bay Area Science Fair for 2018, but to expand the Science Fair festival to celebrate our young scientists’ work and showcase contemporary technology and research.

We have created a new Board of Directors, but we still could use help from the Bay Area science community in the rebuilding effort. If you or any colleague is interested in joining the GGSF operating committee, if you can help facilitate financial support, or if you just want to offer your time as a part of the team, please contact Marcus at marcus.wojtkowiak at gmail.com. The SFBASF has had a positive impact on hundreds of students every year and thousands of students compete in their local areas in order to participate in it. Please help us continue to encourage science learning and enable career paths for our diverse community of future scientists.

Marcus Wojtkowiak

Marcus Wojtkowiak

Executive Director

Marcus Wojtkowiak is the founding Director of the Golden Gate STEM Fair. In 2017 GGSF was formed to take the place of the previously active San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair. To keep this influential annual event going, Marcus and previous Director, Bob Fabini, rebuilt the organization and gathered a new leadership team. Previously Marcus coordinated the San Francisco Middle School Science Fair as the Randall Museum’s Science Program Coordinator. Marcus is passionate about providing an open forum where scientifically inclined students may present their research project to peers and be critiqued by the preceding generation of scientists.